March 5, 2023

Four Things You Should Know About The Office Fit Out Process

Four Things You Should Know About The Office Fit Out Process

The environment we work in is crucial for productivity and creativity. Modern businesses need to plan and organize their office space. Small offices should not have been designed in a way that makes it difficult to work.

We must design and equip our workspaces to make employees feel more at ease and better able to work productively. No matter what your job title is, there are some things that you should consider when designing your office space. We will be focusing on the most important.

1. Fil-out of core and shell categories

There are many types of fit-out. The first phase is the category core and shell. This stage is the final phase of the building. You can now follow your vision and move any sockets or additional installations. This stage is where you will need to have a clear vision of what you want your space look like.

2. Category A Fit-out

Category A is the next level, and includes space that has been built for future tenants. Ceiling lights, finished interior walls, blinds, and raised floors are all possible in this category. For the fitting out of this type of space, an electrician and an installer will be needed. You can choose to have a suspended ceiling or wall technology installed.

This creates a functional space. Now it’s your turn to design the side features so the space can move onto the next phase.

3. Category B

This category is an extension of category A. It means that the space can be fitted out according to the requirements of renters. Now, the empty space is being used to create a real office. It is important to keep your vision in mind and arrange the space according to your needs. You and your employees will be happy in a space that is comfortable. Designing offices, common areas, kitchens, meeting rooms, flooring, furniture, and other spaces requires experience.

4. The total cost of the entire process

This is a difficult question to answer. Price depends on where you are located, what stage it is at, and your needs. Some will just need to “make up” their space while others will need to save money for structural development.

Here is a guideline for office fit-out costs. These guidelines are the starting point. You need to take into account all costs, including heating, design, furniture and infrastructure. Unexpected circumstances should be considered (minimum 5-10% on the total project cost).